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Public Computers

There are 10 computers upstairs for all ages. In the children's room, we have three computers for children and three iPads preloaded with games for children downstairs. If you would like to print anything from our computers, we charge 15 cents each for black-and-white copies and 25 cents each for color copies. 

*We may not be able to do front-and-back copies. 

*If you would like to bring in your own paper or labels, the staff have the right to say no to thicker papers in order to not jam our printers. 


Mobile Printing

If you would like to email us a document and pick it up, please email the attachment to We will print it as soon as we can and will let you know when it is ready for pickup.


Wireless Internet

The Emporia Public Library offers free Wi-Fi access around the building as well as in the parking lots; this is available 24/7. There is no password required. For more information about our public computers, printing, or Wi-Fi access, please read our Internet and Computer Use Policy.


All computers are equipped with Windows, high-speed internet access, and Microsoft Office. All computers are also equipped with the ability to print to the public printers. All public access computers provided by the library are filtered and follow Children's Internet Protection Act Policy.

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