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Excited Children in Science Class

Upcoming Events


Begin building simple robots using common junk drawer materials. Registration opens May 1.


Experiment with interactions, changes, and relationships found in the natural world. Registration opens May 31; call 620-340-6462 to reserve your spot.


Curious minds of all ages: team up for this trivia challenge and for a chance at bragging rights and prizes.


Get up close and personal with animal science by learning about chicks’
21-day life cycle.
Registration opens June 15. 


Bring your worm to the library courtyard for the races; let’s see who has the fastest worm in Emporia this year!

Storytime Electronic Sign.png

Storytime in English and Spanish!


Grab your library passport to explore the world through activities highlighting global cultures.


Find your fuel and learn fun recipes at this food basics program. Registration opens June 15.

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