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The Emporia Public Library has one meeting room available for free public use. The room is to be used for not-for-profit groups. The purpose of the meeting should be to inform, not to sell or make money; therefore, the meeting must be open to the public and the attendees must not pay a fee. The room must be booked in advance.

The following equipment is available by request for the meeting room (must be requested in advance):

  • Projector

  • Laptop


The large meeting room has track lighting and a large projector screen for presentations. The room seats 60 people in chairs comfortably. Several different table/chair configurations are possible.



A kitchenette is located by the Large Meeting Room.  It is equipped with a coffee maker and refrigerator. No food may be cooked on site, but food and drinks may be brought in by meeting organizers or outside caterers.

To book a meeting room, contact the Emporia Public Library at (620) 340-6469.

Study Rooms

The Emporia Public Library also has three study rooms available on the second floor of the library. These small rooms are ideal for individuals or groups of up to four. The rooms may be scheduled in advance by calling 620-340-6450 or you may walk in and request a room. Each room includes chairs, a table, and a whiteboard and dry erase markers (markers are available upon request). These rooms are not soundproof. 

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