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Super Friends

This award is presented annually to a person or group that has supported the library. The award honors service through exceptional leadership, financial support, volunteerism, research, or other contributions.

Award Recipients:

  • 2024 Ruth Gutierrez

  • 2023 Sharon and Harry Stephens

  • 2022 Becky and Ron Sellers and Judy Wild for going above and beyond in working for the Friends of the Library during the past COVID year, including the gigantic task of moving the book sales to the new building

  • 2021 Mark McAnarney

  • 2020 Mark McAnarney

  • 2019  KVOE

  • 2018  Elaine Bentz

  • 2017  Sandy Chapman

  • 2016  Dee Schwinn for continuous energy and volunteerism for Friends initiatives

  • 2015  Jeanne Cranz for unending help with book sales and Friends needs

  • 2014  Deb Burns-Heinitz & Mar Jean Anderson for yard signs, delivering books, incredible volunteering, etc.

  • 2013  Ed Rathke for ongoing help with building/grounds and support

  • 2012  Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity for financial gifts and help moving books for sales

  • 2011  Greg Larson for volunteer work on Internet book sales

  • 2010  Jan Laurent for leadership, financial support, and more

  • 2009  Carmaine Ternes for work to improve teen services

  • 2008  George Osborn & Langley Charitable Trust for financial gifts and support

  • 2007  Ann Coulson & Nancy Hargett for volunteering service and energy to Friends of the Library

  • 2006  Book Sorters for untiring sorting and pricing.  Nine people were presented awards: Gae Barnes, Judy       Dodson, Edna Glaser, Barbara Holscher, Sharon Ikerd, Virginia Loper, Nancy McKinzie, Joan Mouse, and Cindy Pastor

  • 2005  Mary Unruh for book sorting supervision

  • 2004  Flint Hills Genealogical Society for financial gifts and volunteer work

  • 2003  Nadine Terry & Earl Williams for Rites of Passage youth program

  • 2002  Betty Tholen for helping start the Friends group in the 1970s

  • 2001  Ellie Hazelrigg for volunteer work for Homebound Program, trustee, role, donations, etc.

  • 2000  Betty Boylan for financial donations

  • 1999  Bob and Lois Hodge for local history and genealogy work and donations

  • 1998  Barbara Gerriets for book sorting and book sale coordination


Recipients receive a plaque, a Life membership in the Friends of the Library, and a book placed in their honor in the library’s collection.

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